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Great Job to our Eagle Cross Country Team

Congratulations to our eagle athletes who competed in the 2 mile run on 10/30/14

Over 600 athletes competed in grades 6-8

8th Grade 

     Alec Koehn


7th Grade

     Christopher Carroll

     Gavin Stubblefield

     Damon Webb

     Deliliah Delvalle

     Gracie Martinez

     Savana Salcedo

     Meagan Wetter



     Eddie Delvalle

     Rivaldo Jaurigue

     Raymart Rillo

     John Torres

     Tyler Weckesser


Special recognition to 2 of our athletes both placing in the top 30 in their division 

Revaldo Jaurigue placed 26th and Gracie Martinez  placed 30th


All of the athletes  will continue to train for our final event in November at Diamond Valley lake on Nov 13th