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School Wide Learning Expectations

To live as an active Catholic who:

  • prays daily
  • continues to learn about God
  • shares and lives their faith
  • does as Jesus would

To live as a lifelong learner who:

  • evaluates needs, determines appropriate strategies and implements steps to attain goals
  • develops and uses their God given talents
  • can use criti c al thinking skills to solve problems
  • welcomes challenges for improvement and growth

To live as an effective communicator who:

  • can express thought clearly in written and verbal form
  • listens and interprets the ideas, opinions and actions of others
  • effectively uses the tools of technology responsibly.

To live as a responsible citizen who:

  • values and respects diverse cultures and beliefs
  • accepts responsibility for his or her own actions
  • applies moral values in daily life
  • serves his or her community with their time, talent, and treasure