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Letter from the Principal



                                                                                                                         April 23, 2024


Dear Eagles and Families,

            We are pleased to inform you that the registration for school year 2024-2025 is now officially open. We pray that we continue to fill up our classrooms with students who are formed to become disciples of Jesus.

             Accordimg to the United States Census Bureau report as of 2023, cost per pupil in California was already at $14,347. Our tuition is just abot 36% of that cost. As inflation rates continue to soar higher, and the cost of living steadily increases, there is a need to increase tuition by 2.5% which brings up our tuition to $5,120 per child. Subsequent discounts of 5%, 20%, and 30% will be given to families with 2, 3, or 4 children. This means that for those paying at a 10-month payment plan, you are ging to pay about $12.50 more per month for one child. 

              According to the most recent data, did you know that: in 2021, 2 SHA students graduated from Notre Dame High School, one of which was the valedictorian, and the other received high honors; in 2022, SHA students graduated from Nuview Bridge Early College High School and 3 of our students were in the valedictory circle, one of whom was the valedictorian; one student graduated from Hemet High School received High Honors; and those who graduated from Nuview Bridge in 2023, 13 of our SHA students made it to the valedictory circle, one of whom was the salutatorian. 

               To help keep our tuition affordable, all families will be required to do the following:

                          1. Sell a minimum of 30 Bishop's car raffle tickets, 75% of which goes directly to the school.

                          2. 5 service hours will be mandatory for the festival in October, date to be announced later (or you                                  will be charged $125 the following week)

                          3. A choice between:

                                o  25 service hours in addition to the mandatory 5 hours for the festival

                                o  OR purchase $6,000 worth of eligible SCRIP/gift cards ( with 3% or higher rebate) of your                                              regular expenses like food, groceries, school supplies, uniform, or clothes at no additional cost                                      to you;

                                o Or opt out and pay $250

               Registration is not complete unless your FACTs account has been set up. 

                Make sure you have the following:

              1. Compeleted registration packet (online or paper)

              2. Completed FACTs Tuition Payment Plan online. Annual FACTs set-up fee of $50 will be deducted from                          your bank account.

              3. Updated physical and immunization records ( for all NEW students and returning Preschool, KR, K, 1st and                    7th Grade students)

              4. For NEW students, Birth Certificate and Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)

              5. Registration fee of $130 and book fees of $325 per student- checks, cash, debit/credit cards accepted, 4%                      fee applies


              Receive $25 discount off the registration fee if you register before May 30, 2024. If you refer another family to come to our school and they stay for at least one school year, you will receive $400 off of your child's tuition for the following year (2025-2026).

              I am looking forward to partnering with you in your child's formation this coming school year 2024-2025. Let us together form these children to become active Catholics, lifelong learners, effective communicators and responsible citizens. 


                      God bless,


                         Mrs. Grace Lacsamana


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