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Tuition Contract

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St. Hyacinth Academy Tuition Contract

It is crucial to the operations of our school that tuition is paid monthly as agreed upon during registarion. Our school is a non-profit organization that operates on the income generated by tuition paid for the service of educationg your child, In order for the school to plan and have the needed cash flow to cover our montly operations cost, it is vital that tuition is paid in a timely manner. The Bishop's Car Raffle is a part of our yearly tuition agreement. Each family (PS-8th) must sell a minimum of 30 tivkets, or pay the opt out fee of $300. Each family is also required to commit 5 hours to the school festival.

Withdrawals-Families who withdraw for any reason are responsible for their tuition obligation up to the end of the month they withdraw. Tuition, fundraising, Scrip and service hour obligations for families who withdraw will be prorated based on the contracted plan. Registration ad book fees are non-refundable. 

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I/We understand my family must volunteer at least 5 hours with the school festival or must pay the $125 opt out fee the first day of school.*
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