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Tuition and Fees

Saint Hyacinth Academy

Tuition Policy and Agreement

School Year 2019-2020








Fund-raising (Bishop’s Car Raffle Tickets) – paid by Nov.15


Service Hours Obligation – on approved school projects



1 Child


$300 – 30 tickets

30 hours


2 Children


$300 – 30 tickets

30 hours


3 Children


$300 – 30 tickets

30 hours

4 Children

$13, 440

$300 – 30 tickets

30 hours




Registration and Book Fees :                                                                   $425

(Non-refundable fee due at time of registration; covers diocesan tax and insurance, technology fee, and testing)


F.A.C.T.S. Management Co. (non-refundable account set-up fee)             $45


Monthly plans – 10, 11 or 12 months (withdrawn by FACTS on the 15th or 30th of each month)


Annual or Semi-Annual payments (withdrawn by FACTS)

            1st Payment due by August 15th

            2nd Payment due by January 15th


Annual Payment Plan – Due by August 15th (withdrawn by FACTS)


Graduation Fee: (only for 8th Grade – due at time of registration)                        $150



Service Hour Obligation: Unfulfilled service hours will be billed at $10/hour                   


SCRIP – All families who purchase $5000 or more SCRIP/gift cards, with a rebate of 3% or more, will receive $200 off of the following year’s registration. Everyone is encouraged to avail of this wonderful program that benefits the school, at no additional cost to you!


***Family Referral – refer a new family and earn a one-month credit toward tuition for one child for the 2020-2021 schoolyear. The referred family must stay this whole 2019-2020 school year.








It is crucial to the operations of our school that tuition is paid monthly as agreed upon during registration. Our school is a non-profit organization that operates on the income generated by tuition paid for the service of educating your child. In order for the school to plan and have the needed cash flow to cover our monthly operations cost it is vital that tuition is paid in a timely manner.


Withdrawals - Families who withdraw for any reason are responsible for their tuition obligation up to the end of the month they withdraw.  Tuition, fundraising, Scrip, and service hour obligations for families who withdraw will be prorated based on the contracted plan.  Registration fees and Book Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.



Tuition Plan Enrollment


    Family Name: _______________________                                               Date: _____________________                                                       


Please register my child/children listed below for the 2019-2020 school year.



Student Name


Student Name


Student Name















Payment Plan: $_______ per month for _______ months.    /     Annual $_______     / Semi-Annual $_______


  I/We have read the tuition plan outlined on this form.  I/We agree to comply with the terms of the tuition

 Plan selected.  I/We agree to comply with the policies, rules, and regulations of Saint Hyacinth Academy as stated in the Parent Handbook and Diocesan Commitment Form.




          _____________________________________                       ____________________________________

            Print Name                                                                              Print Name


          _____________________________________                       ____________________________________

          Signature                                                                                 Signature





Preschool Tuition Policy and Schedule

Please refer to attached document for preschool schedules and tuition.